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Investing in Hope: Rusli's story

The 2004 tsunami that devastated the province of Aceh in Indonesia left in its wake thousands of communities without homes and destroyed the livelihood of farmers who worked the land to produce rice, fish and shrimp. WorldFish, in partnership with the ...

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Fighting food and nutrition insecurity

The Government of Bangladesh has clearly stated that agriculture, food security and nutrition are major priorities for the country. In the 2010 Bangladesh Country Investment Plan (CIP) a coherent set of priority investment programs to improve food ...

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WorldFish announces Aquatic Agricultural Systems research oversight panel

WorldFish has announced the independent members of the oversight panel for the CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems. The eight-strong team will provide strategic support and guidance for the essential international research. The newly ...

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WorldFish nominees win science awards from the CGIAR

WorldFish featured in three of eight 2004 science awards announced in Mexico City (27 October) by the CGIAR, a strategic alliance of food and environmental researchers working to improve the productivity and profitability of agriculture, fisheries, ...

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African nations reach key aquaculture partnership

African heads of State reached agreement on key strategies to boost aquaculture on the continent at the 2005 'Fish for All' forum, organized by WorldFish. 'Fish for All' increased awareness of looming shortages in global fish supply ...

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ReefBase publishes good practice guide for coral reef protection

ReefBase has introduced the GEF Lessons Learned and Good Practices Toolkit (GEF LL Toolkit), an extensive resource for researchers and resource managers seeking help and advice to boost effective coral reef management. The GEF LL Toolkit offers access to ...

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