ICLARM in Egypt: Research partnerships for sustainable aquaculture and fisheries.

ICLARM's regional center at Abbassa provides an outstanding facility from which to pursue research on a number of critical issues facing the development of fisheries and aquaculture in Africa and West Asia and to build effective links with regional partners. The priorities of the research and training program currently underway at the Abbassa facility focus upon the improvement of aquaculture management techniques, and the genetic improvement of tilapias, including their potential environmental implications. As the program develops in the coming years, and partnerships with national and regional institutions are strengthened and extended, it is intended that this work will expand to include other issues of concern for aquaculture as well as capture fisheries. This is the third report prepared by ICLARM to inform organizations and individuals in Egypt of the research and training activities being carried out at Abbassa. In this report we are very pleased to be able to acknowledge many of the organizations in Egypt with whom we have been able to work.


ICLARM. Abbassa, Egypt. 13 p.